Wedding Services by ImagEditors

Wedding Services by ImagEditors

Before you plan your trousseau, you need to know about your body shape, colors that would suit you, your personal style – so that you don’t waste money buying the clothes that do not flatter your image!

Keeping in mind your lifestyle and personal style we recommend you the right kind of clothes for your trousseau.

For the Bride, Groom, & the Close Relatives

  • Marriage Ready:
    • Dressing for various functions as per the body shape & personal color
    • Fabrics as per the body shape
    • Accessories for the face shape
  • Trousseau Shopping:
  • For the Bride & Groom
  • For the Near & Dear ones
  • Smart shopping for day to day wardrobe
  • Makeup Tips
  • As per Face Shape
  • For Day & Evening Look
  • Transition Period:
    • Emotional Intelligence – Sensitivity towards new relationships
  • Etiquette Ready:
    • Fine Dining
    • Wine& Food Pairing
    • General & Social Etiquettes
    • Wedding Etiquettes – As a Host & as a Guest


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